Our Pastors


Reverend Maurice L. Streeter, born and raised in Greenwood, Mississippi, is the pastor of the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Christ located in Chicago, Illinois. He was ordained as a minister in 2004 under the leadership of Rev. William Jenkins Sr.  Pastor Streeter is a God fearing man and has preached the word of God to many congregations.  He is the fourth Pastor at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Christ in its fifty years.  The Church has experienced spiritual, numerical, and financial growth under his dynamic leadership.   The Church’s ministries are organized for service under these guidelines; edification, evangelism, extension, and equipping.  Rev. Streeter is employed with Peoples Energy and has been for 23 years.

Under his leadership, a 501(C) 3 organization, we have purchased a Church Van, a Men’s group has been established and we standing monthly fellowship with Heritage Living Assistant Center; the Church is taking the word to other entities.  Under his leadership we have weekly structured bible class; evangelism classes and he also start our “Commitment to the Community” our back to school program.

His ability to teach and preach is phenomenal, his leadership, stewardship and evangelistic services. Since coming to Mt. Moriah, Pastor Streeter has continued to be concerned about his congregation and the people in the surround areas.  He has help ex-drug addicts, ex-alcoholics and other from various walks of life.  He serves as Youth Director with the West Side Ministers Conference.  He has also served on numerous civic and community boards during the course of his ministry.

Rev. Streeter was ordained in September 2004 at the Lively Stone Missionary Baptist Church, where he was also licensed.  Pastor Streeter graduated from Leflore High School in 1987.   He is married to Yvette Streeter and has five children; Victor, Jasmine, Demarious, Maurice and Demetrius.   They are also the proud grandparents to eight.


Yvette Streeter is the First Lady of Rev. Maurice L. Streeter and Mt. Moriah BCOC, where he has been the Pastor for over four years.  She currently heads the “Women of Purpose” Women’s group.  Lady Streeter aim's to enlighten women and to encourage them to be the best they can be.  Priding herself on being an active member in the community and her church; her mission is to serve people in various capacities.  Lady Streeter is a positive role model to all women who come across her path.

As a girl blossoming into a teenager, then transforming into a young Lady and on to becoming a woman who exemplified the one thing her Mother always encouraged her to do, which was “LOVE”,  Yvette made it her passion to make herself available to those in need.  Lady Streeter gives of herself to countless Missionary endeavourers, including but not limited to visiting the sick and shut-in at nursing homes, hospitals, women shelters, but also providing shoes, clothing and word of encouragement to those in need.

Yvette has been employed with the Social Security Administration for over 32 years.  Possessing the right attitude and always taking the initiative to learn more; provided Yvette with the opportunity to work in various positions and excel within the agency.  Yvette currently holds the position of Section Chief of Computer Operations where she oversees the Computer Room, Computer Programmers, Data Transcriber, the Mailroom and the Intake Scanning Unit.

Yvette Streeter was born in Chicago, Illinois later moving to Bellwood, Illinois in 1969 with her parents James and Louise Jenkins where her father transitioned in 1974.  Yvette is the eleventh child of fifteen.  She cherishes her mom and loves her family.

Amongst the many hats that Lady Streeter wears the most important role of all is her union to Reverend Maurice L. Streeter and being a mother to their children; Victor, Jasmine, Demaurious, Maurice and Demetruis.  They also have eight Grandchildren. 

Lady Streeter is to be commended for her work habits and all that she gives of herself and her enormous heart.

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