Church History



Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain...Psalm 127:1


Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Christ was organized under the leadership of Rev. Roy L. Brown, in April 1963.  The meetings started with 10 people in the basement of his brother’s house, at 2852 W. Polk Street.  Services were held weekly at the aforementioned location for 4 months.  The membership grew and they moved to a larger facility at 2113 S. Pulaski.  While at that location the Deacon’s Board, Mother’s Board and Choir were organized.  The following year the Usher Board and Pastor’s Aides were organized.  Necessities such as pews, a piano, an organ, and hymnbooks were purchased.  The Lord continued to bless spiritually and financially and in 1966, the members began purchasing the building and adjoining lot at 1454 S. Kolin Ave inChicago. In 1974, Rev. Brown accepted a position to pastor a church in Meridian, Mississippi.  Rev. Samuel Scales applied for the Pastor’s position, and was voted in as the new Pastor.  He served 14 years and retired in 1987. In 1988, Rev. H. G. Swilley was voted in as Pastor. Shortly after being voted in, Pastor Swilley, in 1989, started up the Mt. Moriah Building Fund, which is currently still in existence and aides us in our continued effort to build up the church.  He served the church for 14 years. During his service on Kolin Ave, we were able to install the baptismal pool, and do some minor remodeling to the building.  Through the years we continued to have regular Sunday morning worship services, Sunday school, Bible Study classes and special annual day celebrations.

In the fall of 2002, the Mt. Moriah pulpit was vacated.  Rev. Henry Bell, our Associate Minister, was asked to be the Minister in Charge of the Pulpit until as such a time that the church could select a new pastor.  In July of 2003, Rev. Henry Bell was unanimously voted in as Pastor of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Christ. He was installed to the position as Pastor in October of 2003. Under the leadership of Pastor Bell, we made major repairs and renovations to the church building, both inside and outside. We continued to have bible class, Sunday school services, annual days, and more children focused activities.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Christ family is the stressed focus on the children.  As Pastor Bell was known for saying, “The Children are the church of today, not tomorrow.” Under the leadership of Pastor Bell, direct attention was placed on the academic potential of each child here at Mt.Moriah.

With that thought in mind, the children, as well as other members of Mt. Moriah, are continuously being exposed to experiences that are sure to broaden their horizons and influence choices made in life.  As for the church building itself; there continued to be improvements made. The process of completing the basement got under way. Expanding Mt. Moriah, by knocking down the walls, continued to be a building fund goal. As part of witnessing outside of the church, under the initiation of Rev. Larry Pates, Associate Minister to Pastor Bell, we started (in May of 2006), a monthly fellowship with Rush Barton Senior Citizen Nursing Home. The goal, “If they can’t get to us inside of the building, we’ll go to them outside of the building.”  In July of 2008, the Mt. Moriah pulpit was again vacated.  Our former pastor, Rev. Henry Bell passed away in August of 2008.

Thus began our journey again. Candidates wishing to be pastor helped the Mt. Moriah family for months. Then, in November of 2009, by a unanimous decision, Rev. Maurice L. Streeter was asked to become the new pastor of Mt. Moriah. He was installed to the position in May of 2010. Pastor Streeter is known as a visionary. He has great visions for Mt. Moriah. Pastor Streeter takes his commitment to “Exalt the Savior, Equip the saints and Evangelize to the unsaved”, with a high level of seriousness. Under the current leadership of Pastor Streeter, our membership continues to grow. He reinstituted our Sunday school, Children’s Church, and our weekly Bible Class. Mt. Moriah, stayed behind our pastor as he continued to build up God’s house, and remembered Psalm 127: 1a –“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it:”

In February of 2012, it was the God-given vision of Pastor Streeter that we move into a new edifice so that our ministry would continue to thrive.  After 15 months of many tests and trials, Mt. Moriah closed the deal on this large, beautiful edifice previously known as St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, a historic landmark….look out Forest Park….Mt. Moriah, “The Church with Integrity”, is on the move!